Surveying is in the blood for our resident Surveyor, Sion Raw-Rees (Dip. Surv., MRICS). Sion has been advising on property matters for over 30 years, and followed in the footsteps of his father, Jim, who founded his practice in Mid-Wales in 1948. Sion’s brother, Charles, is also in the same field, and the family business is still flourishing under his guidance.

A qualified member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Sion is well respected and has practiced throughout Cheshire. South Manchester, Mid-Wales, Shropshire and West Midlands. Many of our clients, from banks and building societies to private and public development companies, have come to rely on Sion’s in-depth expertise and local knowledge.

We offer several different types of surveys and valuations, tailored to suit your requirements. For further information on these, please use the links below. If you would like Sion to call you, please leave us your contact details and you will be contacted shortly. Alternatively, please call Sion on 01260 271255 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Homebuyer Surveys & Valuations

Prior to making a commitment to purchase a property - it is advisable for it to undergo a thorough inspection This will allow you to make an informed judgement and prevent you from making any decisions that may cost you more that you first bargained for!

The Surveyor will provide an in-depth report which will include current identified issues with the building, but will also aim to ascertain any potential issues that could result in a reduction in value of the building in the future.

The valuation and subsequent report will allow you to :-

  • Be in full receipt of the facts and make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with the purchase.
  • Decide if the property represents significant value to you.
  • Identify key actions to be taken prior to any exchange of contracts.

Schedules of Dilapidation

Schedules of Dilapidation are commonplace with leased properties, particularly commercial premises that have been altered to accommodate the current tenants. Towards the end of a lease, a survey is undertaken to identify any repairs/alterations that should be undertaken as per the terms of the lease, along with the relevant costings.

Schedules of Condition

Just as the Schedule of Dilapidation focuses on the condition of a property at the end of a lease, a Schedule of Condition is undertaken at the commencement of a lease to document the current condition of the premises. The condition is documented in a full report, which is supported by photographs, and held by Timothy A Brown as an independent third party. Towards the end of the lease, both the landlord and tenant can refer to the Schedule of Condition to identify any actions that need to be taken to ensure no disputes.

Expert Witness Reports

Where required, Timothy A Brown can provide coherent and well-presented reports that can include (but are not limited to) valuations, costings and recommendations. These have previously been used to assist clients in disputes, provided to County Courts to facilitate judgements, and supplied to solicitors when compiling case notes.


We can provide valuations for a variety of purposes, including for the purposes of inheritance tax and right to buy. Valuations differ from surveys in that a valuation specifically relates to the value of the property based on its location, current condition and size. A valuation will not identify any potential or current issues with the property.

Mortgage Valuations

Our Chief Surveyor, Sion Raw-Rees, is on the panel of several Banks and Building Societies, and is qualified to provide valuation reports for mortgage purposes, remortgages and further advances. In order to save time and cost, we recommend combining a mortgage valuation with a Homebuyer Report & Survey.

Inheritance Tax / Probate Valuations

During the unfortunate circumstances of someone's death, a valuation of their estate is normally required for the purposes of assessing the level of inheritance tax. This is provided to the Inland Revenue. The valuation is taken from the date of death, which could be some weeks or months previously, and this therefore requires some level of research.

Matrimonial Valuations

Unfortunately, divorce and separation are common-place in todays society, and subsequent disputes over shared assets can be costly. Timothy A Brown can assist in such disputes by providing an independent valuation for such assets, with a report being provided to the Court to assist with making a judgement.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

It is likely that individuals who own multiple properties may be liable to Capital Gains Tax upon selling. In order to assist with calculating Capital Gains, previous valuations of the property may be required.

Relocation Valuations

Many relocation companies require relocation valuations, which Timothy A Brown can provide upon request.

Right To Buy Valuations

Over the last 10-15 years or so, the social housing market has seen a significant shift in its trends, where tenants who were previously renting are now buying their properties from Local Authorities and Housing Associations. We act on behalf of tenants, providing a fully independent valuation in order to ensure the price being paid is a fair one. We also act for Housing Authorities in order to provide an initial valuation.